Benchmarking Services

Fulcrium is the preferred benchmarking and market intelligence partner to some of the world’s largest companies.

Fulcrium is no ordinary benchmarking company.  We are known in the marketplace for undertaking only the toughest “special” Cost and Process benchmarking engagements, uniquely covering both the core value chain as well as the functions.

In many cases, our clients have been let down by other providers and have exhausted all other benchmarking options – and so they come to Fulcrium as a last resort for assistance with their “toughest” Cost and Process benchmarking challenges in securing current, reliable and useable intelligence.

At Fulcrium, we have been undertaking specialist cost and process benchmarking for global businesses for well over 19 years and, in that time, have seen its importance grow as executive board directors strive for competitive edge, efficiencies and breakthroughs in performance improvement.

We use our proprietary frameworks to undertake wide-ranging specialist cost and process benchmarking:

  • Internal: comparing internal processes
  • Technology: comparing technology within the same industry and cross-industry
  • Business: comparing financial and value metrics – uniquely in both core value chain and functions within the same industry and cross-industry
  • Competitive: comparing direct competitors within the same industry
  • Functional: comparing functions from the same and different industries
  • Generic: comparing dissimilar functions that may spark innovation or breakthrough ideas

These insights are then translated into actionable strategies that deliver cost efficiencies, breakthrough performance improvement and competitive advantage.

Our expertise in cost and process benchmarking has been used by numerous global companies across a wide range of sectors.

We couple our benchmarking expertise with a deep understanding of:

  • the dynamic industry structure
  • strategic relationships between nations, suppliers and operators
  • upstream, midstream and downstream value chains
  • business drivers
  • engineering and technology practices
  • interface issues between CAPEX and OPEX
  • local and global challenges

Our proven tools and frameworks mean that we can undertake complex benchmarking engagements without delay. We are also greatly respected for our flexible style: we never use formulaic approaches, but rather adapt our methodologies to suit each client’s specific requirements. We also engage from the start of the benchmarking process with all those with a stake in the outcomes, greatly improving the implementation of any change management process.

Fulcrium is the preferred benchmarking partner to some of the world’s largest companies.  We specialise in custom benchmarking using proprietary frameworks to help progressive,  and action-oriented clients drive increased efficiencies and breakthrough performance improvement.

We believe that clients that adopt our proprietary Cost and Process benchmarking frameworks will be able to realise a phenomenol step-change in performance.

We pride ourselves in partnering with and enrolling the most forward thinking, progressive and respectful companies as our clients.  These are the companies whose cultures are designed to build shareholder value consistently and to thrive through good times and bad.

For companies with progressive and respectful cultures that fearlessly embrace benchmark insights, Fulcrium is their source of competitive advantage through the regular insights gained from our Benchmarking Service.

If you want expert Cost and Process benchmarking that leads to increased efficiencies, and breakthrough performance improvements then contact us today. For more information on our benchmarking capabilities and services see our case studies.