Saudi Aramco Board Director Andrew Gould talks to Fulcrium about driving performance at Schlumberger

What qualifies a non-engineer to lead some of the largest engineering companies in the world? Spectacular turnaround of Schlumberger’s fortunes: buoyant market conditions vs. Andrew Gould’s personal leadership. Why Schlumberger outperformed Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Weatherford. Are leaders born or made? CEO succession planning at Schlumberger. Biggest mistakes Andrew Gould made. Why has Andrew Gould been courted vigorously by the…

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Statoil talks to Fulcrium about Oil & Gas Benchmarking to drive cost efficiencies and performance improvement @ below $50 oil price

Julio Dal Poz – Upstream Strategy Manager at Statoil talks to Fulcrium, explaining how benchmarking is used to make Statoil a leader in the upstream oil & gas industry.  

US light tight oil (LTO) producers make striking cost reductions of 30% in 2015 and 22% in 2016

International Energy Agency Report 2017 For their part, US light tight oil (LTO) producers saw striking cost reductions of 30% in 2015 and 22% in 2016. This gives a clear indication that many are capable of positioning themselves to raise production in a lower price environment. “We are witnessing the start of a second wave of US supply growth, and…

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Fulcrium delivers Oil & Gas Benchmarking Training in Doha, Qatar

Fulcrium delivered Oil & Gas Benchmarking training in Doha, Qatar attended by more than one hundred delegates from Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Gas, RasGas, ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Chevron, Total, GE Oil & Gas, and ConocoPhillips. If you want expert Oil & Gas benchmarking that leads to cost efficiencies and breakthrough performance improvements then contact us today. For more information on our…

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Permian shale boom in Texas takes OPEC by surprise

The Opec oil cartel is waking up to a surprise. Shale output from the Permian Basin in Texas is expanding faster than the world thought humanly possible. The scale threatens to neutralise output cuts agreed by Saudi Arabia and a Russian-led bloc last November, and ultimately threatens to break their strategic lockhold on the global crude market for a generation….

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BP Group Chief Economist Spencer Dale at LBS GES

Raju Patel of Fulcrium and LBS Energy Club Alumni Board Director welcomes opening Keynote Speaker Spencer Dale, BP’s Group Chief Economist at the London Business School Global Energy Summit 2015

BP Vice President Dr Dominic Emery talks to Fulcrium about Driving Cost Efficiencies and Operational Improvements in an Ultra-Low Oil Price Environment

BP’s Vice President of Long-Term Planning & Policy, Dr Dominic Emery talks to Fulcrium explaining that while the Oil & Gas industry is not new to boom & bust cycles, this time round the industry is taking a more introspective approach to create stability in the sector. Mega-Projects Capital discipline Investing “through the cycle” so as not to compromise the long-term…

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Shell’s BG takeover has oil industry asking who’s next

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden with Andrew Gould, BG Group’s non-executive chairman. Royal Dutch Shell has struck the energy industry’s biggest deal in more than a decade by agreeing to buy BG Group for 47 billion pounds ($70 billion), making Europe’s largest oil company the pre-eminent player in global natural gas and adding fields in Brazil. Falling barrel price was always…

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ExxonMobil and Chevron Earnings / Barrel highest in the industry

According to ExxonMobil’s Investor Presentation 4 March 2015, ExxonMobil’s and Chevron’s earnings / barrel are highest in the industry …. While Chevron and Shell production cost / barrel is 50% higher than the most efficient supermajors. Source: ExxonMobil

Shell General Manager Giorgio Delpiano talks to Fulcrium about Driving Breakthrough Operational Performance by Benchmarking Customer Strategy

Giorgio Delpiano, General Manager, Shell B2B business for Western Europe is accountable for the Sales, Marketing and Operations activities of >200,000 B2B customers with a yearly turnover greater than $10bn and a team of 250 staff. During his career at Shell, Giorgio has built a formidable track record in strategy development and delivery with a strong focus on customers and sales: four consecutive years…

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