Saudi Aramco Board Director Andrew Gould talks to Fulcrium about Benchmarking-driven performance improvement

What qualifies a non-engineer to lead some of the largest engineering companies in the world? Spectacular turnaround of Schlumberger’s fortunes: buoyant market conditions vs. Andrew Gould’s personal leadership. Why Schlumberger outperformed Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Weatherford. Are leaders born or made? CEO succession planning at Schlumberger. Biggest mistakes Andrew Gould made. Why has Andrew Gould been courted vigorously by the…

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Equinor – Statoil talks to Fulcrium about Upstream Oil & Gas Benchmarking to drive cost efficiencies and performance improvement

Julio Dal Poz – Upstream Strategy Manager at Statoil talks to Fulcrium, explaining how benchmarking is used to make Statoil a leader in the upstream oil & gas industry.  

BP Vice President Dr Dominic Emery talks to Fulcrium about Benchmarking-driven Cost Efficiencies and Operational Improvements in an Ultra-Low Oil Price Environment

BP’s Vice President of Long-Term Planning & Policy, Dr Dominic Emery talks to Fulcrium explaining that while the Oil & Gas industry is not new to boom & bust cycles, this time round the industry is taking a more introspective approach to create stability in the sector. Mega-Projects Capital discipline Investing “through the cycle” so as not to compromise the long-term…

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Shell General Manager Giorgio Delpiano talks to Fulcrium about Benchmarking Driven Operational Performance Improvement

Giorgio Delpiano, General Manager, Shell B2B business for Western Europe is accountable for the Sales, Marketing and Operations activities of >200,000 B2B customers with a yearly turnover greater than $10bn and a team of 250 staff. During his career at Shell, Giorgio has built a formidable track record in strategy development and delivery with a strong focus on customers and sales: four consecutive years…

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TechnipFMC talks to Fulcrium about how service companies achieve Benchmarking-driven Supply Chain cost savings

Ann-Christin Gjerdseth – Director, TechnipFMC talks to Fulcrium about how collaboration between operators and service companies can achieve 30% supply chain savings. Covers Pricing, Standardisation, Technology Innovation and Operating Model adjustments in response to an ultra-low oil price environment.

Like it or not, Russian natural gas is here to stay – panel on European Energy Security

Fulcrium moderates Energy Security Panel at LBS Global Energy Summit 27 November 2014. The LBS GES Energy Security panel addressed geo-political issues and challenges decision-makers face in the pursuit of European energy supply security in the wake of the Ukraine Crisis.  Bottom line:  The EU will remain dependent on Russian natural gas for decades to come irrespective of sanctions, source…

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BP in Russia and Azerbaijan – Pipelines, Gas Markets and Energy Security

Vladimir Drebentsov, Vice President, BP Russia talks to Fulcrium about what BP is doing in Russia and Azerbaijan to promote Energy Security. Pipelines and Gas Markets are also discussed.