Competitive Benchmarking

Traditional competitive benchmarking has focused overly on frameworks such as 5-forces and 3-C’s. These definitely have their place, but they can also result in rigorous academic analyses of markets and competition and a correspondingly academic approach to finding solutions to problems.

At Fulcrium, our approach is different. Our starting-point is always our client’s organisation and its place in the real world.

Over many years, we have developed a unique database of market intelligence and insights into many sectors and geographies that goes far beyond what is available off-the-shelf. By applying this data we can take a detailed look at how companies operate in their markets, generating insights usually overlooked by more conventional approaches. Then, by benchmarking them against other major players, we build hypotheses for testing with the external marketplace.

This approach enables us to formulate actionable strategies that enable our clients to leapfrog their competitors. In some cases, our approach has yielded dramatic results within 3 – 6 months. In others, we have helped create distinctive competitive advantage that has proved sustainable over many years.

Furthermore, if required, we work closely with our clients to devise detailed tactical plans – ensuring clients are able to implement the strategies we help formulate. Unlike many consultancies, we do not walk away from the practical matters that build to successful outcomes day in, day out.

If you want to create actionable strategies leading to measurable competitive advantage then contact us today.