Complex Services Benchmarking

Complex Services Benchmarking represents substantial complexity and a large level of absolute expenditure in most companies, yet it is an area which is often misunderstood and undervalued.

There is a constant pressure to reduce costs but, simultaneously, to ensure that benchmarking aids the strategic objectives of the business .

Imagine a new approach to Complex Services Benchmarking that recognises its impact on cost and margin leadership and that builds a culture of excellence into your company.

Over many years, Fulcrium has built expertise and reputation in helping board executives to extract maximum value from their complex services on local, national and global levels.

Fulcrium Benchmarking Methodology

The challenge is to devise and implement an over-arching framework, rather than make small changes that have little impact on company growth. An external eye and viewpoint is often the most effective way to ensure that your value chain is operating at maximum efficiency. However, we also recognise how essential it is to tap into your existing skills base, so we will work with your executive team and leaders in key areas to ensure a collaborative approach that produces the best outcomes across the business.

We ask the probing questions about your market position, costs, profitability, customer needs and business processes and translate that intelligence into actionable tactics and strategies that will best serve organisational goals.

At Fulcrium, our comprehensive evaluations, analyses and recommendations will help you to:

  • select only the most appropriate strategic partners, not just those offering best value for money
  • optimise category spend
  • undertake thorough category management and compliance tracking
  • develop long-term, mutually-beneficial and collaborative relationships with strategic partners
  • develop appropriate expectations and performance improvement targets to ensure sustainable performance improvements
  • prove whether your procurement and supply chain management function adds substantial or only incremental value
  • determine whether your supply chain partners have transformed themselves into competitive threats and, if so, how to overcome the challenge
  • assess whether vital strategic partners should be acquisition candidates or should receive investment
  • determine if there is any merit in playing in all parts of the value chain
  • decide whether operations should be located close to customers or close to sources of supply
  • evaluate whether your company has outsourced appropriately; has unwittingly outsourced your core competence; or has not yet outsourced enough
  • decide whether to reverse or amend past decisions

If you want to ensure that your Complex Services Benchmarking is delivering maximum value then contact us today.