Corporate Benchmarking

All corporate businesses need an overarching framework based on sound evaluation of markets, business units, operations and performance that goes far beyond the annual review of the budget.

In today’s dynamic environment, businesses need strategic management practices that will enable them to create flexible strategies that allow them to realign the organisation as conditions change. Yet few large organisations have these practices in place and find themselves facing insurmountable barriers to implementing strategies or reallocating resources to where they will have the highest impact.

Over many years, Fulcrium has been interviewing and working with Fortune company board executives including CEOs and heads of strategy. Above all, they want fewer, more sustainable initiatives to help create a balanced portfolio and drive corporate, business unit and functional performance. With the business environment deteriorating in many markets, and presenting unprecedented opportunities in others, more than ever they are scrutinising costs and applying more varied and rigorous ROI measures.

Effective corporate benchmarking entails generating growth by taking a consistent and wide-ranging approach to the allocation of resources. Fulcrium has built an enviable track record in helping corporate businesses to:

  • evaluate the wisdom of following a major competitor into a new market or geography
  • decide whether an identified acquisition target would provide much-needed distribution capability or weigh down the balance sheet
  • determine whether an initiative put forward by one function would be better managed by another function or business area
  • decide how, when and where to divest non-core operations
  • decide whether a business unit should be subject to divestment or an organisational improvement programme that could turn it into a growth platform
  • resolve whether to diversify operations into other related businesses or retain focus and investment on core competence
  • improve the strategic decision-making capabilities of executives, removing biases such as group-think, risk aversion and over-optimism
  • ensure stakeholder engagement to drive successful organisational strategy implementation.

If you want expert support and practical guidance to define your corporate benchmarking challenges then contact us today.