BP Vice President Dr Dominic Emery talks to Fulcrium about Driving Cost Efficiencies and Operational Improvements in an Ultra-Low Oil Price Environment

BP’s Vice President of Long-Term Planning & Policy, Dr Dominic Emery talks to Fulcrium explaining that while the Oil & Gas industry is not new to boom & bust cycles, this time round the industry is taking a more introspective approach to create stability in the sector.

  1. Mega-Projects Capital discipline
  2. Investing “through the cycle” so as not to compromise the long-term
  3. Supply Chain Collaboration and Standardisation
  4. The Energy Trilemma:  Energy Security, Sustainability and Affordability – a multi-stakeholder problem
  5. BP advocating a switch from Coal to Gas: will make a difference to CO2 emissions
  6. On-going Efficiency in Operations
  7. Technological breakthroughs to improve energy efficiency and make a real difference to core businesses and renewable businesses in the future
  8. Carbon Capture and Storage as a way to mitigate carbon emissions