Organisation Benchmarking

Companies either grow organically or through mergers and acquisitions. In many cases, they have developed or inherited complex legacy organisational structures which are hindering performance. With merger synergies exhausted, the next wave of efficiencies must come from simplifying the organisation and from ensuring that directors and employees are aligned to overcome barriers to improved performance.

Fulcrium has particular expertise in advising on the size and shape of functions and linkages with the main business areas. We have undertaken numerous organisational evaluations over the last decade in many sectors and geographies – collaborating with senior teams to develop organisational strategies that work.

Our proprietary methodology pinpoints areas that are performing well and those that need reshaping.

We help guide decision-making processes that determine what size and structure the revitalised organisation should have; whether functions should be enhanced or dissolved; what divestment, redeployment or recruitment is required; and what skills are needed to ensure that the key sources of value in the organisation are performing at their peak.

We help determine what new accountabilities should be and how they can be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively. And we help with practical recommendations on business performance measures and management.

Our approach combines a hard look at organisational structures, roles and processes with an understanding that it is people who drive value – so we also ensure that our recommendations enable your leadership team and employees to embrace change, enhance their own skills and align themselves with organisational strategy.

If you want to create a high-performing organisation with an appropriate structure and culture to meet the challenges ahead then contact us today.