Organisation Benchmarking

Need Organisation Benchmarking to Drive Exceptional Performance Improvement?

Unsure how to create a high-performing organisation with an appropriate structure and culture to meet future challenges?

Need a trusted partner that:

  • Has built and owns the world’s most comprehensive Benchmarking and Market Intelligence Database?
  • Has in-depth knowledge of the best practices that drive superior performance across your industry and other industries?
  • Assists major organisations to substantially raise the operating efficiency and profitability of business units and divisions across multiple industry sectors and geographies?
  • Can give you hard facts based on evidence, and establish continuous systematic processes to identify and rectify any performance gaps arising in the future?

If the answer is YES, then contact Fulcrium for further information.

Over the last decade, organisations of all sizes have embraced Organisation Benchmarking as a means of improving business performance.  It is now a crowded market for providers, which range from small specialists to divisions of the global management consultancies.

At Fulcrium we are occasionally approached to undertake benchmarking to provide data confirming predetermined decisions by senior management on maintaining, increasing or decreasing headcount.  We regard this as a misuse of benchmarking.

In contrast, we only provide our Organisation Benchmarking data to businesses genuinely committed to using it as a tool to drive exceptional performance improvement, whether as a standalone process or as an element of business process re-engineering.

Perhaps you have all the required processes in place but are not seeing the expected benefits?

Often, we find that our client organisations already have the best and most appropriate performance processes in place, but they are not optimised to deliver the expected benefits.  As a result, the problems within the company may be misinterpreted as “people” issues and a fault of “organisational culture”.  Our benchmarking data will cut through these mistaken beliefs, ensuring that the organisation applies processes appropriately and has as accurate picture of resource capacity and capabilities to meet its strategic objectives.

Do you want to benchmark in-house, seeking out the functions, business units, and processes that can become exemplars to others?

We are often appointed to find the best-performing parts of organisations, those in which meeting targets seems to happen effortlessly:  staff are motivated and responsive, teams collaborate, objectives are aligned, and there are no empire-builders or competing interests.  The ultimate benefit of identifying such successful units is thast their culture of excellence can be replicated elsewhere – and ultimately raise the performance levels of the entire organisation.

Perhaps you need to benchmark parts of your organisation against others in your sector, or with others in non-competing sectors?

Over almost two decades, we have built the world’s most comprehensive Benchmarking and Market Intelligence database, enabling us to benchmark any element of your organisation against the best-in-class.  For instance, if you operate in the energy sector, we could provide comaprative data from your peers, or from organisations in e.g. mining and chemicals, or even in seemingly unrelated sectors in which we also have expertise e.g. airlines, banking, insurance, FMCG.

By acquiring in-depth knowledge of processses and performance, you will be able to evaluate yourself against organisations which we know are the outstanding performers – deliverign the data to enable you to replicate them in-house.

Has you organisation grown through merger or acquisition, but needs further efficiencies?

We have extensive experience of conducting Organisation Benchmarking with major organisations seeking to either grow organically or through mergers and acquisitions.  In the latter cases, complex legacy or inherited organisational structures frequently hinder performance.  With cost-cutting strategies and merger synergies exhausted, the next wave of efficiencies must come from simplifying the organisation, ensuring the best people are assigned to the right functions and business units, and that executive directors and employees are aligned to overcome barriers to improved performance.

How we work

Fulcrium is the preferred Benchmarking dat and Market Intelligence partner to some of the world’s largest companies – because we are no ordinary benchmarking company.  Our differentiator is that we undertake only the toughest “special” benchmarking engagements, often for CEO’s, COO’s and Board Executives that have been previously disappointed with other providers, using our proprietary methodology and our unsurpassed Organisation Benchmarking database.

Rest assured that we do not use our Organisation Benchmarking Data services to sell consultancy engagements.  Fulcrium has extensive strategic consultancy capabilities, and we are more than capable of delivering exceptional quality in this area should clients require it, but our primary focus is on utilising the unique power of our database.

In all our Organisation Benchmarking engagements, we follow a tried and tested step-by-step process:

Baselining:  analysing existing practices within the functions and operating units of the organisation to determine the baselien activities and the outstanding techniques that drive best performance.  The outputs from this stage are a granular benchmarking framework and parameters.

Benchmarking: utilising our unique, proprietary and global Organisation Benchmarking database, we ensure that the organisation has a critical mass of accurate data for comparison – whether the benchmarking is vertical or horizontal.

Terms of Reference: ensuring that all stakeholders in the Organisation Benchmarking process are fully aligned in terms of scope, goals, objectives, and the initiatives needed to close performance gaps.  It is essential at this stage that we define what we mean by “best-in-class” and that the benchmarkign will compare apples with apples.  A commitment to continuous improvement is also essential at this stage.

Follow-Through: once the data are rigorously validated, the final stage of the engagement is to deliver customised feedback enabling the organisation to take action on the values, practices and procedures that will drive exceptional performance improvements in the short, medium and long-term.  Because it is people who drive value, we also ensure that our deliverables enable the leadership team and employees to embrace the required changes.

If you need an expert team to deliver Organisation Benchmarking that will give you the trustworthy, assured data that you need to compete, transform, reorganise, streamline, grow and drive exceptional performance improvement, then contact us today.