Procurement & Supply Chain Benchmarking

At Fulcrium, we have been at the forefront of Procurement and Supply Chain Benchmarking for over 17 years.

It is no longer sufficient for the Procurement and Supply Chain function to be satisfied with simple cost savings. Now, its practitioners must leverage the entire supply chain to reduce risk and deliver bottom line profits. They need to think long-term and strategically while identifying and implementing quick wins, and have real influence and power with all the stakeholders in the business.

At Fulcrium, we have extensive experience of supporting the Procurement and Supply Chain function globally as well as more recently, in geographies such as North and South America, UK, Australasia, Norway, Brazil, Africa, Azerbaijan, Russia and the Middle East – that are reaching maturity but still lack some refinement. We have handled projects involving a mix of global and local suppliers in environments where factors such as underdeveloped infrastructure, culture, legislation, contracts, taxation and fluctuating currencies all conspire to complicate the securing and managing of reliable sources of supply.

In the Oil & Gas sector, in particular, our clients have recognised that to contend in a fast-changing and unprecedentedly competitive world they need extraordinary Procurement / Supply Chain specialists. Specialists that are knowledgeable about the technological and logistical challenges posed by managing both conventional and unconventional resource portfolios, and that understand how to optimise supplier-operator relationships for competitive advantage.
Supply Chain
Our involvement and actionable insights have helped numerous companies to re-structure and up skill their Procurement functions to:

  • become fully aligned with the strategic goals of the business
  • better communicate their value to the organisational stakeholders
  • identify where value truly lies and how it can be exploited by the business
  • reduce risks of supply chain fragmentation
  • turn disparate suppliers into a functioning network of business partners
  • identify high-value new partners, including from unexpected geographies
  • leverage internal relationships more effectively
  • practice improved category management
  • improve the identification and uptake of innovations generated in the supply chain
  • improve supply chain sustainability
  • assess the value of procurement outsourcing

One thing is certain: the world will only become more complex, and more risky. Managing that volatility will ask even more from the Procurement & Supply Chain function.

If you want to ensure that your Procurement & Supply Chain function is managing risk and delivering maximum bottom line benefit then contact us today.