Process Safety Assurance Benchmarking

Fulcrium has developed proprietary diagnostic tools that assist in pinpointing Process Safety Risks and corresponding mitigation options.

Fulcrium’s proprietary diagnostic benchmarking tools pinpoint Process Safety Risks and deliver indisputable metrics for leverage and breakthrough performance.

Since the 1960s the global oil and chemical sectors have led the way in process safety management. Our expertise in Process Safety Assurance Benchmarking over almost two decades has been developed primarily in this sector and is, we believe, best-in-class.

Other complex industries have similar hazard profiles to oil and chemical, including pharmaceutical, explosives, mining, nuclear, engineering and transport.

Despite widespread adoption of safety management systems, major incidents continue to occur, albeit at very low frequency.

When they do, their impact is substantial: fatalities and serious injuries, and damage to the environment, company reputations, assets and operating capabilities.

Are you 100% sure that your major hazard process risks are effectively controlled, or are you concerned that you rely on failure data and are not sufficiently proactive?

At Fulcrium, we assist some of the world’s largest hazard sector companies, with Board-level outputs from our benchmarking.

Our proprietary benchmarking diagnostic tools pinpoint Process Safety Risks during all stages of any project lifecycle, and propose any required mitigation options. In several cases, this has resulted in dramatic improvements in optimising operating conditions in addition to improvements in risk control and quality systems. 

Major incidents rarely result from a single cause but rather by multiple failures that coincide and collectively result in an exceptional event with severe consequences.

Our Process Safety Assurance Benchmarking covers every aspect that could contribute to a failure (process, plant, procedures and people):

We benchmark against industry best practice and the best process safety practitioners in the same or different high hazard sectors, regionally and globally, to deliver:

INEOS Chemicals Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe talks to Fulcrium about Benchmarking-Driven Exceptional Performance

INEOS Chemicals founder and Chairman, Sir Jim Ratcliffe discusses:

For best-in-class Process Safety Assurance Benchmarking to fulfil the goal of process safety excellence contact us today.

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