Corporate Benchmarking

Fulcrium Corporate Benchmarking.

Like GE, all corporate businesses need an overarching framework based on sound evaluation of markets, business units, operations and performance. Benchmarking lies at the heart of the processes involved.

For over twenty years, Fulcrium has worked with many Fortune company board executives. In that time, the business environment has become more volatile and the primary need now is for sustainable initiatives to help create a balanced portfolio and drive corporate, business unit and functional performance. They also need to be flexible and able to realign as conditions change – which means constant evaluation of markets, and repeated benchmarking against best-in-class operators inside and outside their sector(s).

We need to clarify what business we really want to be. We have more apparent opportunities than we can cope with, so we have to focus on value identification or - potentially - fail.

There are billions at stake, and hundreds of thousands of jobs, relying on us getting this right for the foreseeable future.

Fulcrium is the only benchmarking company capable of handling an initiative of this scale and complexity and helping us to drive real breakthroughs in performance.

CEO - Petrochemicals Sector

General Electric Benchmarking Case Study.

Probably the most infamous example is General Electric. Over-confidence in its ability to extend the brand into more and more diverse sectors led to near-disaster before, in August 2017, CEO Jeff Immelt handed over to John Flannery. In October 2017, Mr Flannery explained to investors how completely GE needed to decide what kind of business it wanted to be and how it could create sustainable value excellence:

“The benchmarking review of the company has been, and continues to be, exhaustive… We are evaluating our businesses, processes, [the] corporate [function], our culture, how decisions are made, how we think about goals and accountability, how we incentivize people, how we prioritize investments in the segments … global research, digital, and additive [manufacturing]. We have also reviewed our operating processes, our team, capital allocation, and how we communicate to investors. Everything is on the table … Things will not stay the same at GE.”

The result of that comprehensive benchmarking review has been a primary strategic focus on long-term profitability to be derived from its aviation, power and renewable energy divisions.

Our Unique Database.

We have built an enviable track record in deploying our unique benchmarking services to help corporate businesses to:

We have been guilty in the past of following the herd or letting our major competitors dictate our business direction. One example: Company A expanded into a new geography, so we followed suit. But we aren’t Company A, and the market was totally wrong for us.

We got badly burned and learned the hard way that’s no way to build a sustainable business.

Now, with Fulcrium providing solid benchmarking data we understand better where our strengths lie and where we should be directing our resources.

Director - Finance Sector

Our benchmarking intelligence services provide hard data, facts and evidence upon which senior teams can base their most vital business decisions and deliver breakthrough performance improvements. If you like the sound of that approach, then contact us today.