Complex Services Benchmarking

Complex Services Benchmarking is often Misunderstood.

Complex Services Benchmarking represents substantial complexity and a large level of absolute expenditure in most companies, yet it is an area which is often misunderstood and undervalued.

There is a constant pressure to reduce costs but, simultaneously, to ensure that benchmarking aids the strategic objectives of the business, contributes to profitability, shareholder return, efficiencies and distribution of resources.

Imagine a New Approach.

Imagine a new approach to Complex Services Benchmarking that recognises its impact on cost and margin leadership and that builds a culture of excellence into your company.

Over almost two decades, Fulcrium has built expertise and reputation in helping board executives to extract maximum value from their critical in-house and outsourced complex services on local, national and global levels. However, we only  work with organisations with global complex services expenditure running into billions.

From Data to Value Excellence.

Our fully customised benchmarking service begins by asking probing questions about market position, costs, profitability, customer needs and business processes.

We use our unique, proprietary database to benchmark our client organisation against only  best-in-class companies in the same or different sectors.

We translate that intelligence into recommendations that will best serve organisational goals.

Then, we work with executive leaders and teams in key areas to ensure a collaborative approach that produces the best outcomes across the business.

Why Complex Services Benchmarking is Mission-Critical.

Our comprehensive Complex Services benchmarking evaluations, analyses and recommendations have helped many multinational businesses:

Our expertise in Complex Services benchmarking covers many sectors. Insights gained in how one sector handles complex services procurement are often directly transferable to unrelated sectors.

Oil & Gas.

It is not for nothing that we are the preferred Benchmarking Intelligence Partner for the world’s leading energy companies.

We used Fulcrium to determine whether or not to dispense with our in-house rig and FPSO construction capabilities. Their benchmarking showed unequivocally that we already had substantial competitive advantage and that outsourcing in this instance would not be of benefit to us.

CEO - Oil Major

Fulcrium’s exceptional complex services benchmarking laid bare the ongoing operational and maintenance costs on a particular platform. Multiple problems were revealed, many originating in initial design flaws, but also in current people and processes.

The intelligence Fulcrium provided enabled us to determine what steps to take, based on indisputable evidence, and had a multi-million dollar positive impact on the business.

CEO - Oil Major

There is no doubt that Fulcrium provides significant value-add in benchmarking. No generic benchmarking firm that we encountered can match it for methodology or, more importantly, for domain specificity in the upstream oil and gas technology industry.

Their in-depth knowledge was a key factor in them being able to deliver a granular, multi-geography benchmarking engagement of considerable scale in a very tight timescale.

Director - Oil Supermajor

We had been using a particular specialist provider for almost five years, but over that time costs had jumped dramatically and there did not seem to be adequate justification for that. Our annual spend with them exceeded £20 million, and we needed to know urgently whether we were obtaining value. Fulcrium’s benchmarking showed what we had expected: high levels of complacency in the supplier that we would always renew their contract.

Our competitors were obtaining much better value and higher levels of performance. With the leverage supplied by Fulcrium, we were able to rectify the situation without alienating a core value chain supplier and instead of a relatively poor value we are now benefiting from substantial breakthroughs in performance.

Director - Oil Supermajor

Financial Services.

Fulcrium’s unique benchmarking service gave us the hard data we needed to decide how to upgrade our legacy systems to cope with today’s most challenging problems.

It also showed the extent to which, for many years, we had failed to regard IT as a competitive differentiator. Plus that we couldn’t just emulate the IT installations of our nearest competitors. If we had taken that route, the consequences could have been commercially disastrous.

Director - Global Bank

If you want undeniable data and exceptional value-identification in Complex Services then contact us today.

Our Methodology.

Backed with over 19 years’ experience, we know how to provide accurate data.

Outstanding techniques that drive best performance. Outputs from this stage are parameters for a granular benchmarking framework.


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Utilising our unique, proprietary and global benchmarking database, we ensure the critical mass of accurate data for comparison.


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Accurate value identification, quantification and prioritisation of improvement options that would not otherwise have been considered.

Value Analytics

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Value excellence to define scope, goals and the top-quartile initiatives needed to close performance gaps to drive exceptional value realisation.

Terms of Reference

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Verification of benchmark methodology, data, analytics, accuracy of value-identification, and business case before initiatives are sanctioned.

Validation & Assurance

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Customised execution to take action on the values, practices and procedures that will drive exceptional value realisation.

Follow Through

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