Why Fulcrium?​

An industry leader in almost every aspect of high-value customised cost and process benchmarking, we specialise in data for transformative performance improvement.
20-year track record of supporting ambitious clients with cost and process transformation benchmarking data solely for high priority, high-value opportunity-identification.
We are transformation specialists and our customised benchmarking approach is deliberately uncomplicated.
$8bn new value identified for one client on one customised benchmarking data engagement alone. Verified. Achieved. That is the Fulcrium data difference.

Have you tried:

  • Several (or even many) different benchmarking and market intelligence providers?

Were they:

  • Global consulting firms or standard consortium vendors?

Did they:

  • Lack the depth and breadth to provide benchmark data against the truly star performers inside and outside your sector?
  • Deliver adequate insights to drive moderate levels of performance improvements?

Do you still need:

  • Resolutions to mission critical disruptions?
  • Game-changing insights for extraordinary value opportunity identification? Your organisation to adapt to events as fast as your industry competitors?
  • Cost and process benchmarking and market intelligence data to drive exceptional performance and transformation?

Then Fulcrium are the only credible benchmarking specialist because we:

  • Are the preferred benchmarking and market intelligence data partner to the world's largest, most successful companies.
  • Work with your industry peers and know your sector and its challenges inside-out.
  • Have built and own the world's most comprehensive transformation benchmarking and market intelligence database.
  • Never use standard benchmarking templates.
  • Will give you the deepest, most current and most accurate intelligence on costs, processes and performance compared with your closest industry competitors.

Who We Assist.

Fulcrium only supports benchmarking requests from clients who have the budgets and mandates to:

  • Identify and unleash exceptional value.
  • Drive transformation and breakthrough performance improvement.

We do not support benchmarking data requests for:

  • Low-budget, assurance, or incremental continuous improvement.
  • Low-level, low impact "tinkering around the edges".
  • Exploratory or speculative purposes.

Under one roof we provide:

  • Sector-Specific Benchmarking Intelligence Data
    Oil & Gas and Financial Services are our core areas, but our expertise in retail, engineering and technology means we deliver cross-industry insights from sector synergies.
  • Best-in-class Benchmarking & Market Intelligence Data
    Competitive, complex services, coporate, organisation, procurement & supply chain, and professional services - from our unique, proprietary database.
  • Risk & Compliance Benchmarking Data
    Bribery Act: Supplier audits, and process safety assurance.
  • Benchmarking Skills Training
    Anywhere in the world.