Competitive Benchmarking

Do you urgently need benchmarking insights to clarify where your competitive advantages (& disadvantages) lie?

Disillusioned with consortium benchmarking reports and with standard academic frameworks that cannot provide answers to your most pressing challenges?

Fulcrium is no ordinary benchmarking company. It is differentiated in a crowded marketplace because it:

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Our approach to competitive benchmarking is always to start with our client’s organisation and its place in the real world. That means we generate insights that are not obtainable from conventional methods.

Over almost two decades we have developed a unique database of market intelligence and insights from expert, trustworthy primary and secondary sources.

Our database covers many sectors and geographies, is constantly updated,and goes far beyond what is available off-the-shelf from any other benchmarking provider.

By applying this data using our proprietary metrics (not standard templates) that fit our client’s requirements exactly, we can take a detailed look at how companies operate in their markets. Then, by benchmarking them against other major players in the same sector, or in entirely unrelated sectors, we identify game-changing value opportunities.

Fulcrium is undoubtedly unique in benchmarking. We engaged them when we had an exceptional competitive threat on our hands and needed a rapid response informed by real-world data.

If you just need a refresh of a tried and tested strategy, I don’t think they’d be the right match for you. But if you have an emergency situation on your hands and need outstanding performance improvement, there’s no-one better.

This approach enables us to formulate actionable strategies that enable our clients to leapfrog their competitors. In some cases, our approach has yielded dramatic results within 3 to 6 months. In others, we have helped create distinctive competitive advantage that has proved sustainable over many years.

We understand and respect the urgency that some companies have for benchmarking data when competitive pressures have had measurable impacts upon profitability and commercial success. We can react exceptionally fast to client needs – typically providing up to 90% of the required benchmarking data in 2 or 3 weeks.

Furthermore, if required, we work closely with our clients to devise detailed tactical plans. This ensures our clients are able to implement strategies we help formulate. Unlike many specialists, we do not walk away from the practical matters that build to successful outcomes day in, day out.

Competitors or Non-competitors?

Most clients want to understand how they perform when benchmarked against their immediate peers that:

A more radical approach is to benchmark against the most successful companies in entirely different sectors. It may seem counter-intuitive for a specialist supplier to the oil and gas sector to want benchmarking against an aeronautical company – but the results can be outstanding.

If you want to solve urgent problems and obtain measurable, sustainable competitive advantage then Contact Us today.

We needed hard data on how our direct competitors remunerated and rewarded their executives and top teams.

Fulcrium’s tailored benchmarking insights changed our entire approach and have had significant impact on productivity and profitability. It was nothing less than the best intelligence available to us.

Until Fulcrium suggested a non-competitive benchmarking exercise we would never have considered it. We supply subsea infrastructure and components, and understanding in depth how an aeronautical company handles standardised components has revolutionised our approach and resulted in remarkable cost savings. In our case, not doing the obvious led to rich rewards.

Dere Ogbe – Competitive Intelligence Manager, Shell

Dere Ogbe explains how benchmarking is used at Shell in a “purpose-driven” way to identify performance-improvement opportunities.

Julio Dal Poz - Senior Strategy Advisor, Equinor - Statoil

Benchmarking in upstream oil & gas to drive efficiencies and performance improvement.
For more information on our benchmarking capabilities and services see our case studies.

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