About Fulcrium

About Fulcrium.

Fulcrium is the engine room for powerful "transformation" benchmarking intelligence.

We specialise in data for transformational value identification to drive breakthrough performance improvement.

Clients refer to Fulcrium as their “highly valuable secret intelligence resource.”

There was a great buzz in the room; VPs and EVPs really met their objective of identifying key value opportunities through the benchmarking and market intelligence; I only heard positive comments from colleagues afterwards.

So, I can’t thank Fulcrium enough for the ongoing commitment and hard work put in to the benchmarking you supply to us globally. It really wouldn’t be the same without you – great energy, amazing dedication and making a real difference to our bottom line. You should be very proud!

Need powerful benchmarking data and market intelligence for high-priority, evidence-backed transformation?

Need a trusted partner that:

Disillusioned with template consortium publishers or consultancies prioritising strategy over benchmarking?

Need a trusted partner that:

If the answer is YES, then contact Fulcrium for further information.

Our Team: Game-Changing Specialists Underpinned by Transformation Data.

Fulcrium specialises in benchmarking intelligence and high-value opportunity identification advice for boards, directors, business heads and functional heads in many of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

Fulcrium’s dedicated team of specialist benchmarking professionals and strategists are drawn from the world’s largest and most respected companies.

The result? We are the first port of call for urgent and mission-critical transformation benchmarking engagements where high-value opportunity-identification is the goal.

We take a disciplined and prudent approach to benchmarking for transformative performance improvement.

The plan for Fulcrium has always been to meld value-identification services with a tangible asset that would enable us to deliver truly outstanding, rapid performance improvements to our clients.

Our Benchmarking and Market Intelligence database is now that best-in-class unique asset. It puts us head and shoulders above every other benchmarking firm, enabling us to focus on only the highest value opportunity identification benchmarking requests by clients.

Our Unique Database.

Over two decades, Fulcrium has built a matchless database of transformation benchmarking and market intelligence from major companies across multiple sectors and in many geographies throughout Europe, the Americas, the Far East, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Insights gained from this multi-sector and global coverage are at the heart of our genuinely transformative benchmarking and value-identification services, and are the envy of other benchmarking providers and consultancies.

The result? Our data consistently deliver evidence-backed exceptional-value opportunity-identification, and clients refer to us as their “highly valuable secret intelligence resource”.

Client Engagement.

The result? Numerous long-term global relationships based on mutual trust and satisfaction.

Who We Assist

Fulcrium benchmarking data licencing terms & conditions apply to all client engagements.

Please note benchmarking data accessed is for SOLE use. You cannot sell or pass on this data, and the benchmarking data licence is non-transferable.

Fulcrium responds to enquiries from executives at companies that have already secured the internal budgets and mandates to:

Fulcrium will not respond to the following types of enquiries:

Over a period of some 6 months, we exceeded our value-realisation targets and the close collaboration with Fulcrium was instrumental in achieving this.

Given the requirement for specific and actionable “custom” benchmarks and market intelligence, I would engage Fulcrium again.

To engage an exceptional team that will transform your performance, value-identification and value realisation, contact us.

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