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Fulcrium is the preferred "transformation" benchmarking intelligence partner to the world’s largest, most successful companies.

Are you urgently seeking benchmarking insights for high value opportunity identification to drive breakthroughs in performance and genuinely sustainable competitive advantage?

Have you tried a range of benchmarking providers, but discovered they cannot support your benchmarking need for high value transformative opportunity identification?

Fulcrium is no ordinary benchmarking company. It is differentiated in a crowded marketplace because it:

  • Has built and owns the world’s most comprehensive Benchmarking and Market Intelligence database.
  • Assists major organisations to substantially raise the operating efficiency and profitability of business units and divisions across multiple industry sectors and geographies.
  • Has in-depth knowledge of the best practices that drive superior performance across your industry and other industries.
  • Can give you hard facts based on evidence, and establish processes to identify and rectify any structural performance gaps arising in the future.

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We really do stand out from the crowd.

Known for undertaking only the highest value opportunity identification cost and process benchmarking engagements, uniquely we cover both the core value chain and the business functions.

We have been undertaking specialist cost and process transformation benchmarking for global businesses for almost 20 years. As executive board directors in volatile sectors strive for competitive edge, efficiencies and breakthroughs in performance improvement, our services are proving more valuable than ever.

We needed a benchmarking provider able to deliver the most commercially sensitive market intelligence imaginable in global territories across a wide range of service lines. There was only one supplier able to undertake the engagement, and that was Fulcrium. We have absolute trust in their capabilities, and their database is a differentiator like no other.

Board Director - Supermajor

Here is why we are different from any of the consultancies and consortium template report publishers:

  • We are specialists in the most urgent and mission-critical transformation benchmarking engagements, and the first port of call for where high-value opportunity identification is the goal.
  • In addition, we provide compliance, training and risk management solutions.
  • We can react fast to urgent, mission-critical requirements.
  • We have a track record in combining value-identification skills, multi-country and multi-sector experience, plus deep functional knowledge.
  • We engage from the beginning with all stakeholders at every level, greatly improving the implementation of any change management projects.
  • Our global coverage means we have the experience to ensure that regional and cultural sensitivities are respected.
  • Our unique proprietary multi-sector, global database enables us to deliver unrivalled benchmarking intelligence and actionable value-identification.
  • We are flexible, not formulaic, adapting our proprietary frameworks and methodologies to suit each client’s specific requirements.
  • We have a reputation for enabling our clients to realise phenomenal step-changes in performance.
  • We have deep, lasting relationships with clients based on their confidence in our capabilities and our ethical practices.
  • We do not use our benchmarking and market intelligence data services to sell consultancy engagements, although we have advisory expertise should it be required.

The result? Our data consistently deliver evidence-backed exceptional value opportunity identification, and clients refer to us as their “highly valuable secret intelligence resource”.

Our sector went into crisis in 2008. As a matter of urgency, we needed dramatic cost-cutting but we had to keep cool heads and not just flail around.

In the last decade, we had been buying off-the-shelf template consortium reports to give us a steer on external commercial intelligence. In the new straitened and critical circumstances, that “standard set of metrics” approach has been totally inadequate.

Fulcrium provided the commercial intellligence data we needed, in very tight timescales, and I can honestly say they gave us nuggets of gold we couldn’t hope to find anywhere else.

Board Director - Global Bank

Our proprietary frameworks enable us to undertake wide-ranging specialist cost and process benchmarking:

  • Internal:
    Comparing internal processes
  • Technology:
    Comparing technology within the same industry and cross-industry
  • Business:
    Comparing proprietary financial, operational and value metrics in core value chain and functions within the same industry and cross-industry
  • Competitive:
    Comparing direct competitors within the same industry
  • Functional:
    Comparing functions from the same and different industries
  • Generic:
    Comparing dissimilar functions that may spark innovation or breakthrough ideas

At any time, we can combine these multi-faceted disciplines to create the ideal transformation benchmarking engagement for our clients, without needing to restart the initial engagement.

The insights from our database are then translated into actionable strategies that deliver high-value opportunity identification, cost efficiencies, breakthrough performance improvement and competitive advantage.

Our Methodology.

Backed with over 19 years’ experience, we know how to provide accurate data.

Outstanding techniques that drive best performance. Outputs from this stage are parameters for a granular benchmarking framework.


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Utilising our unique, proprietary and global benchmarking database, we ensure the critical mass of accurate data for comparison.


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Accurate value identification, quantification and prioritisation of improvement options that would not otherwise have been considered.

Value Analytics

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Value excellence to define scope, goals and the top-quartile initiatives needed to close performance gaps to drive exceptional value realisation.

Terms of Reference

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Verification of benchmark methodology, data, analytics, accuracy of value-identification, and business case before initiatives are sanctioned.

Validation & Assurance

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Customised execution to take action on the values, practices and procedures that will drive exceptional value realisation.

Follow Through

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We only assist the most forward thinking, progressive and ambitious companies in the world.

Their cultures are designed to build shareholder value consistently and to thrive through good times and bad.

When circumstances change, and they need to react fast, they call on us for expert cost and process benchmarking.

We are the only benchmarking provider capable of delivering high-value opportunity identification, increased efficiencies, and breakthrough performance improvements – within short timescales.

For more information on our benchmarking capabilities and services see our case studies.

If you have mission-critical issues and need benchmarking by the best, then contact us today.