Benchmarking Skills Training

Are you seeking benchmarking skills training that will empower your people to develop performance benchmarks & create value excellence?

Have you exhausted the value you can obtain from strategy consultants and publishers of consortium-based benchmarking?

Is your company ready to develop its own customised benchmarking and performance frameworks, but lacks the in-depth knowledge to define them?

Fulcrium is no ordinary benchmarking training company, because it:

For Fulcrium’s unique benchmarking training contact us.

We work with progressive companies dedicated to hitting ambitious performance goals and that want to "deep dive" into learning how to implement benchmarking methodology.

We are not just providers of exceptional cost and process benchmarking insights derived from our unique database, although we have been doing that for over 24 years.

We also have a proprietary benchmarking methodology that a recent client called "the world's best."

We are also expert trainers and able to teach complex benchmarking methodologies to the widest possible range of delegates from multiple disciplines & functions.

Plus, we have a secondary objective, to develop the organisation’s human capital by:

On the programmes themselves, we deploy a range of tried-and-tested instructional methods to maximise the effectiveness of the training - including facilitator lectures, brainstorming, role-play, and learning by doing.

Our most recent training engagement was an upstream oil and gas benchmarking training programme for a National Oil Company in the Gulf. Responding to the unprecedented price volatility in its market, it had already achieved incremental process efficiencies and cost savings mostly by a large-scale redundancy programme.

Subsequently, it wanted a more sophisticated approach that gave it a proven benchmarking methodology to drive exceptional value and create value excellence throughout the organisation.

If you want expert customised benchmarking training that leads to breakthrough performance improvements and value excellence, contact us today.

Through the training programme, our delegates were able to identify, evaluate and select the most appropriate data sources for benchmarking, and then create a performance framework on which to base our own upstream benchmarking capabilities.

Fulcrium gave us totally independent principles from its own external perspective, untainted by vested interests - exactly what we wanted.

For more information on our benchmarking capabilities, training and services see our case studies.

Our Methodology.

Backed with over 24 years’ experience, we know how to provide accurate data.

Outstanding techniques that drive best performance. Outputs from this stage are parameters for a granular benchmarking framework.


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Utilising our unique, proprietary and global benchmarking database, we ensure the critical mass of accurate data for comparison.


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Accurate value identification, quantification and prioritisation of improvement options that would not otherwise have been considered.

Value Analytics

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Value excellence to define scope, goals and the top-quartile initiatives needed to close performance gaps to drive exceptional value realisation.

Terms of Reference

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Verification of benchmark methodology, data, analytics, accuracy of value-identification, and business case before initiatives are sanctioned.

Validation & Assurance

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Customised execution to take action on the values, practices and procedures that will drive exceptional value realisation.

Follow Through

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