Fulcrium to moderate debate at SPE Annual London Conference

Fulcrium’s Chief Executive Raju Patel has joined the SPE London Conference Committee and will moderate the session 1 Panel on 9 June 2015.

Session 1: Embracing Strategic Opportunities presented by the Low Oil Price Environment

Session Chair: Raju Patel, Fulcrium

Crude oil prices have fallen with breathtaking speed as a result of geopolitics, significant oversupply and the unwillingness of any market player to readily act as the world’s swing producer. Taken by surprise, nations, governments and indeed the whole industry are scrambling to adapt to this new cycle of depressed oil prices.

This session will discuss:  

  • How governments and industry players responded to previous oil price collapses
  • Strategic response options available to industry players and governments in different regions
  • The competitiveness of fiscal regimes around the world and key trends
  • The oil price outlook

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