Shell Senior Vice President Giorgio Delpiano talks to Fulcrium about Benchmarking-Driven Operational Improvements in the Integrated Fuels Value Chain

Giorgio Delpiano, Senior Vice President, Shell B2B business for Western Europe is accountable within the Integrated Fuels Value Chain for the Sales, Marketing and Operations activities of >200,000 B2B customers (from crude to customer) with a yearly turnover greater than $10bn and a team of 250 staff.

During his career at Shell, Giorgio has built a formidable track record in strategy development and delivery with a strong focus on customers and sales: four consecutive years of double digit growth in the most mature B2B environment in the world.

Not all customers have the same value to an organisation. Some customers spend big and some spend small. As such, benchmarking to understand how much value is required per customer segment is vital to developing a customer experience strategy that makes sense.

Giorgio talks to Fulcrium about how frontline observation is critical for strategy formulation in Shell and why senior leaders need to roll-up their sleeves and experience how it feels to work on the frontline with employees and customers during the Baselining stage of benchmarking.

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